A whole bunch of updates are here!

Hey all!
Some updates are available for you!Thanks so much for all your patience and working with us on finding and checking these bugs!


  • Fixed volleyball being able to reach extreme speeds.
  • Fixed volleyball sometimes soft-locking in the air.
  • Fixed volleyball score being one too low after reaching a high-score.


  • Fixed Niko’s shadow not drawing when the camera is too far away.
  • Fixed minor rendering issues.


  • Fixed Hopeless Romantic achievement not triggering after discovering all Handsome Frogs.


  • Fixes Pepper’s conversations.
  • Added Savegame tab in the Options menu, in here you can remove your savegame and restart the game from the beginning.
  • Added Frame limit option to the Graphics menu, defaults to 60 120. Limits the number of frames the game renders at, reducing strain on high-end graphics cards.
  • If you have a Nvidia graphics card and you want to use V-sync, please make sure to set the Vertical sync option in the Nvidia Control Panel to Use the 3D application setting or On.


  • Softlock fix.
  • Bottled letter fix.
  • Fixed reward bubble not appearing after finishing the quest in Home.

Hairball City

  • Fixed invisible collider behind the train.
  • Bottled letter fix.

Tadpole Inc.

  • Fixed scene dissapearing when tilting the camera into the volleyball field.
  • Fixed shadows not drawing on the volleyball field.
  • Fixed volleyball shadow not drawing in Tadpole Inc.

Turbine Town

  • Fixed cassette placement.

Public Pool

  • Fixed volleyball shadow not drawing in the water in Public Pool.
  • “What’s my line” vent fix.

Salmon Creek Forest

  • Changed Obstacle Volley arena in Salmon Creek Forest.
  • Ladder fixes.