A new update now available!

Vanessa’s Curse


  • Playable character mods are now allowed in Vanessa’s Curse! Try out Mafia Boss or Mustache Girl for different gameplay! (Note:
  • Some playable character mods are still blacklisted for providing an unfair advantage.)
  • Adjusted points gained for collecting crowns.
  • Invisibility duration lowered from 60s to 30s!
  • Starting game timer now syncs for spectators!
  • Roulette event now happens at 150s instead of 140s.
  • Default cursed players now get 15 points every time another cursed player tags a kiddo.
  • Players are now able to spectate starting after a player joins the waiting room.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed not being able to pick up crowns when experiencing low framerate
  • Fixed Snatcher/Vanessa lines that didn’t play correctly after collecting crowns
  • Fixed Vanessa lines that never played after kiddos winning.

Modding Support:

  • Vanessa’s Curse assets are now available for modders on the experimental beta of the modding tools.
  • Added a “PreTime” sound cue that can be replaced by remixes for even more customization!

A Hat in Time

  • Fixed minor localization issue in the mod menu
  • Fixed FXAA being trippy when entering doors in The Arctic Cruise and Battle of the Birds
  • Updated the upvote / downvote icons for mods
  • Fixed the teleport to The Arctic Cruise in HUB being unusable in rare circumstances